Top 10 Hashtags to use on Instagram

There are many ways to drive traffic to your Instagram page and certain hashtags increase this possibility. The Top 10 Instagram hashtags will create a platform that will enable you to gain more likes and build a lasting following through using social media. By using these specific hashtags, your post will be in the pool of all the millions of posts that are routed for optimal exposure by using these popular hashtags. Without further discussion, consider these top 10 hashtags for maximizing likes on your page.

1. #love
2. #instagood
3. #photooftheday
4. #beautiful
5. #fashion
6. #tbt
7. #happy
8. #cute
9. #followme
10. #me

These are the top ten hashtags that Instagram has stated will generate the most likes from a post. It seems that people are more prone to click on posts containing these particular hashtags. In turn, the reader will more often than not create a like to the post and this will generate even more traffic and likes to your post by other Instagram users as well.

The science behind the Top 10 Instagram likes deals with how the internet generates traffic based on the number of times these hashtags repeat. For example, simply using the most popular hashtag of #love created over 1.5 million likes and tags to these particular posts. Whereas, the hashtag, #me, still creates an average like status of around 300,000 lies and tags. This is a great number of potential followers and likes that could be generated to your page, simply by using the proper hashtag.

Of course, there are niche areas that can be focused on as well. This allows for users to focus on specific areas of interest. However, if you are simply looking at the broad scale of overall hashtag likes that have created shares and followers, one can simply not go wrong with choosing one of these top 10 Instagram hashtags.

One important tip is to list the hashtag on its own, such as, #photooftheday. Then, you have created a top ten hashtag that will go perfectly with other additional hashtags for the post. There is no limit to the number of hashtags that can follow or to the creativity that you can use to compliment these top ten hashtags. In using a popular hashtag, you are automatically driving people to your post that would otherwise fall through the cracks. No matter how poignant or witty or even relevant a unique tag would be to a social media post, unless it is visible, it may receive very few likes. This is why you should not re-invent the hashtag wheel, bit instead, use the popularity and then spin it as your own in a series of hashtag blasts.

Additionally, feel free to couple these hashtags with combination tags, such as #loveSpring or #lovelipstick, in order to draw more likes to a specific post. As long as you create a series of hashtags that are coupled with the most popular top 10, you are sure to gain more likes and followers. It is really quite easy to gain more likes on your posts if you follow this strategy for utilizing the data of popular hashtags in order to create your own success.